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About Us

Chairwoman Words

Chairwoman Words

The passion started in 2014 when the beginnings were difficult for a conservative woman to start a project with the glory of Qatar’s heritage. It has been driven by its founding principles to create value in the food industry, because we think and care about Quality and Improving the health of our customers, The Qatari food heritage is one of the enormous concerns. We have dedicated ourselves to this philosophy and the in the process become an established name in the field of Food Service, Ingredient Delivery, Restaurants, Organic and Agricultural Produce.

CEO Words

Offering the highest quality to customers is my top directive.

I believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it, and that is why we work hard to gain a deep understanding of our clients and needs therefore we create challenges and treat them with urgency and respect as we work relentlessly to exceed the expectations for the future.

CEO Words

Al Waldah Hospitality

Is situated in the heart of middle east country known as Qatar, our company was established in the year 2014.

By Mr. Ali Al Obaidly and Mrs. Hissa Al Sulaiti, Al Waldeh Hospitality operates 4 different companies in the food and beverage industry.

Al Waldah Concept

Our main concept is to deliver entirely diverse types of food to are guests so that All restaurants under Al Waldah hospitality serves fresh meal by using only fresh ingredients.
Our chefs do not use any kind of preservatives or any additives to enhance the taste therefore all our products have distinctive taste so that we keep authenticity.

>Al Waldah Concept
>why Al Waldah

Why us

Al Waldah hospitality has modernized and diversified their Marketing and Sales strategies according to current business environment.

Types of food services we provide are Traditional Qatari food, Fast Food and Multi-cuisine, As we stand for freshness, so guest perceptions of naturalness is important for the acceptance of foods from are company.

Are restaurant ambience is designed according to current hospitality industry, Which looks very appealing and welcoming to our guests and As a successful restaurant we have been referred by many of our guest to their family and friends.


Our mission is to give the finest hospitality services to our guests, which is preferred across the nation, Ensuring the Guest Satisfaction at upmost priority by delivering the better and fast service with high quality standard of food and quantity for the value which guest has paid for.

Al Waldah mission
Al Waldah vision


To continue growing in advance of becoming the head of the hospitality industry and build a great future for the next upcoming Qatari businesses.
Our upcoming generation is our great vision.


Our values are our integrity so all that we use is fresh ingredients, with help of our research and development department we will always be ready to introduce the needs of the market on day to day basis.

We give attention to every single detail because we believe that right is right even if no one is doing.

Al Waldah Values
Al Waldah Practice

Business practices

At Al Waldah Hospitality all work associates equal and same in our Rules and Regulation Policy, our company Comply all the guidelines given by Healthy and Safety department with proper licensing.

License and Certification

1) The Cirtification International ISO 2200:2005

2) (HACCP) Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, 20th of Jan 2020.

3) (ISO) 22000:2005 International Organization for Standardization 19th of Fab 2019.

4) (ILLAFTrain) HR Development, 7th of December 2016.

5) (ISO) 22000:2005 International Organization for Standardization 21st of May 2020.